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About ShopKWK and KWK Brand

Established in 2022,, under the KWK Brand was the first wrestling memorabilia store in the Chinese region. In late-2022, KWK Brand began developing the KWK Kayfabe Heroes action figures line, reminiscing the 90s retro wrestling figure style. We work with pro wrestling personalities across the world, including wrestling legends such as Great Kabuki, Great Sasuke, Taka Michinoku, along with stars such as former WWE stars Yoshitatsu, Samuray Del Sol (fka Kalisto) and Mantaur and many more across the world. is the forefront of the KWK Brand.

In 2023, KWK Brand began building the company not only as a producer fo pro wrestling merchandise, but also a talent agency, Yoshitatsu, Taka Michinoku and Junjie are all currently under agency deals with the KWK Brand for professional wrestling appearances.

KWK Brand is always looking for opportunities, if you are a wrestling talent and promotion, we will be happy to hear from you.

For inquiries, please contact